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News & Announcements

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WIT Contributions to the SEGAnnual Meeting 2016

We are pleased to announce that WIT researchers will contribute to this year's SEG 86th Annual Meeting in Dallas with the following presentations: Mon, 17.10., 13:25, Lobby D/C: M. Salcedo, A. Novais, J. Schleicher, J. Costa, Optimization of the parameters in complex Padé Fourier finite-difference [more]


Updated CRP migration code available

A new version of the WIT CRP migration code with a minor bug fix is now available. Please note that WIT software is provided exclusively for our sponsors and can only be downloaded from the 'restricted' area after logging in.[more]


WIT Contributions at the EAGE Annual Meeting 2016 in Vienna

At this year's 78th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2016 in Vienna, WIT researchers will contribute with the following presentations: Bauer, A., Schwarz, B., Lotze, M., Werner, T., Gajewski, D.: Utilizing Diffractions in Wavefront-based Tomography. May, 31st at 16:45 in session 'Imaging Parameter [more]


New WIT software available

WIT is pleased to announce that the following new software is now available. Please note that the codes are provided exclusively for our sponsors and can only be downloaded from the 'restricted' area after logging in. 3D CRS with global optimization2D ZO CRS with conflicting dip handling and meta-[more]


Presentations from the 2016 WIT Meeting now online

The presentations given during the 19th Annual WIT Meeting 2016 have been uploaded and are now available online exclusively for sponsors in the restricted section. In order to access the files, you need to login. In addition to the proceedings and overviews detailing the work by the WIT research tea[more]


Henrique Santos has successfully defended his Ph.D.

We are happy to announce that on 27/11/2015, Henrique Bueno Santos, Ph.D. student with WIT Campinas, has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. His thesis, entitled "Initial depth model building using robust time-migration velocity analysis methods" will be avaliable later this year in th[more]


New PhD students have joined the Karlsruhe WIT team

Two new Ph.D. students joined the Karlsruhe WIT team in November 2015: Nikolaos Athanasopoulos and Mario Rubén Fernandez. Furthermore, Renat Shigapov researches on viscoacoustic full waveform inversion supported by a scholarship from the CRC 1173 and Tao Lei fromUniversity of Geosciences in Wuhan wi[more]

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